How to Write a Good Policy

Not all policies are created equal.  Whether they are being crafted by elected officials, lobbyists, or everyday Americans, there’s a lot that differentiates a good policy from a bad one.  The goal of all policies, whether created on LawMaker or by lobbyists, is to engage an elected official with a policy idea they can turn […]

Should We Outlaw Lying in Politics?

    “Men are so simple, and so subject to prone to be won over by necessities, that a deceiver will always find someone who is willing to be deceived.”  — Machiavelli Here’s an intellectual exercise for today’s political times.  Should lying be allowed in politics? Turn on the news.  In one hour, we will experience […]

Should USPS Offer Banking Services?

On Wednesday, April 25, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) unveiled her plan for a set of financial services that she has proposed be provided at US Postal Service branches across the country. Gillibrand’s Postal Service Act would have the 30,000 USPS branches offer checking accounts, savings accounts, and small loans to Americans who can’t afford to take part […]