In Other News #5: During the Pandemic, Nursing Home Lobbyists Are Definitely Earning Their Paychecks

While we are reeling in  the aftermath of the George Floyd murder and the demonstrations and unrest that have ensued, we can’t forget that the nation and the world are also still impacted by the coronavirus pandemic that has cost the lives of over 100,000 Americans. We also shouldn’t forget that while we are distracted, […]

IN OTHER NEWS #4: You Almost Got Internet Privacy, but You Weren’t Paying Attention

UPDATE 2 (May 27, 2020): The House amendment crafted on May 22 is now hitting significant roadblocks due to a deviation from the Senate amendment that offers fewer protections for internet consumers. The House version would limit the restrictions around internet surveillance to US residents, thereby allowing warrantless searches for non-US residents’ data, which also allows for […]

Should USPS Offer Banking Services?

On Wednesday, April 25, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) unveiled her plan for a set of financial services that she has proposed be provided at US Postal Service branches across the country. Gillibrand’s Postal Service Act would have the 30,000 USPS branches offer checking accounts, savings accounts, and small loans to Americans who can’t afford to take part […]