How LawMaker Helps End the Political Madness

These days, the political world seems like it’s actively trying to age us. The corruption, the scandals, the conflict and tension, it all seems like more than any one of us should willingly expose ourselves.

So I’m not surprised when people ask us what makes LawMaker different? Are we just another social network to fight and call people names, or does LawMaker actually give people an opportunity to make a difference in politics without the seemingly inevitable political mess?

It’s a good question – so here’s a little bit about LawMaker to answer your questions.

LawMaker was created by Jon Brennan, a Republican coder in New York, and me, Amit Thakkar, a Democratic political consultant in California. No big staff, fancy offices, or outside financial backing — just two guys with laptops and wi-fi who got really tired of politics as usual and decided to do something about it.

Our mission is to provide a megaphone for constructive political voices and get everyone involved in making laws that make sense.



We built LawMaker to take all of us beyond petitions by allowing every voter to take the floor and propose policy ideas that improve real lives at the city, state, and federal levels.

Every policy on LawMaker starts with a good idea from a person just like you.

Haven’t you ever had an idea you wished was an actual law? LawMaker gives you a place to propose that idea, collaborate with other like-minded people, and turn it into actual legislation. Our platform provides a direct voice to your government to create and promote your policy ideas and drive change from the grassroots up.

Once you post your policy, share it across social media to rally supporters. Other LawMakers can suggest amendments and vote to support your idea. The more amendments you accept, the more co-authors who are sharing your policy to a growing audience. LawMaker is public and transparent, allowing you to crowdsource your policy and give every voter a voice in the process.

Once you’ve built a sizeable base of support, publicly send your policy proposal — with its verified voter support — to you elected officials using the tools on your LawMaker page. Share progress with your network, keep building support, and update elected officials as you reach new milestones — 500, 1000, 5000 supporters and beyond!

Every member is a powerful part of the LawMaker community. Even if writing a policy is not your thing, search for policies that will impact your life by location or subject, join the crowd to support or oppose policies, and vote to amplify a great idea.

We are working hard to build a vibrant and civil political community online. All we need from you is your involvement. Propose policies that will improve people’s lives. Share and crowdsource your ideas with as many smart people as you can. Build coalitions of engaged Americans who are interested in everyone’s well being, not just their own. Use LawMaker to start conversations with your elected officials.

And most importantly, be patient — political change takes time and persistence. Jon and I will take care of the rest.


All the best,

Amit Thakkar

Founder & CEO,

Propose an idea for a new law that could improve your city, state, or the nation, at

Amit Thakkar

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